Chapter 20 Loan Modification saving $770 per month

A Westchester County bankruptcy lawyer loves doing Chapter 13 bankruptcies for our clients. Although our clients are never happy to have to consult a bankruptcy attorney we try to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Our team of attorneys and legal assistants is very caring and we establish personal relationships with many of our clients. We serve the local community and are very happy to provide solutions to tough financial situations.

Recently, clients for whom we had previously filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy came back to us three months after their discharge and told us of they were behind in making payments on their house. Apparently, during the Chapter 7 they stopped making payments. We applied for a loan modification for these clients and they were turned down for lack of income, although our analysis showed that they should qualify. Upon exploring this situation with the lender it became apparent that we were not going to make any progress following standard procedures. We suggested filing a Chapter 13 for loss mitigation purposes. Based on the same documentation as we presented for the loan modification previously our clients were granted a loan modification saving them $770 per month. Although a discharge for unsecured debt cannot be obtained in a Chapter 13 that is filed within 4 years of the filing of a Chapter 7 petition, loss mitigation and repaying arrearage can be very effective. We are now working on modifying the second mortgage for this client.

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