Agape World Involved In An Ongoing Chapter 7 Case

Yesterday, newscaster Lou Young contacted me regarding an ongoing Chapter 7 bankruptcy case for Agape- -World. Agape World has been called Long Island's largest Ponzi scheme with $400 million at stake. Many of Agape World's investors invested small amounts of money and the trustee has instituted many lawsuits to recover funds from these investors that were withdrawn within 90 days of the bankruptcy filing. These investors had no knowledge of the fraud perpetrated and were merely receiving a repayment of the principal of their investments.

The trustee, by using his avoidance powers, is strong arming these investors into settling and giving back withdrawn funds in addition to their losing their investment.

CBS interviewed me and a brief portion of that interview was broadcast on CBS Evening news last night.

While the merits of each case need to be weighed, we believe that these small investors could prevail in the adverse proceedings brought by the trustee; however one must always weigh the cost when defending such claims.

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