What are the Main Areas in Which the Firm Practices?

Bankruptcy is our primary focus. Our Westchester County bankruptcy lawyers counsel people regarding their financial situation to determine if bankruptcy is right for them. We then prepare the proper documents and walk our clients through the bankruptcy process. We are very good at making our clients feel comfortable during what they perceive as a very nerve racking experience.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an amazing tool for people who have exhausted their financial resources, cannot afford to pay their credit cards and need a fresh start.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers the ability to stop foreclosures, repay past due amounts over 5 years, and attempt to modify mortgages.

Our Westchester County bankruptcy attorneys also offer legal assistance for loan modifications, foreclosure defense and for Fair Debt Collection Practice Act law suits for clients being harassed by debt collectors.

An attorney from our Westchester County law firm represent clients in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and in certain instances in Connecticut. If you are facing a debt realted matter then you should contact a lawyer from our legal team and discuss your financial situation.