Help For a Client in Foreclosure?

Our Westchester County bankruptcy attorneys have a number of different strategies that we utilize based on the clients goals. If the client has realistic goals sometimes we are merely trying to keep the client in the home for as long as possible. Other times we can actually design a strategy to modify the loan or repay the past due mortgage amount. We can help a client defend the foreclosure and we can attend mandated State court mediation. Alternatively we can utilize the bankruptcy courts as a forum to contest a banks proof of claim or we can utilize loss mitigation supervised by the bankruptcy court to obtain a loan modification.

Our bankruptcy lawyers fight for our clients using all tools available; however, the client has to be realistic. If there is just not enough money to pay the mortgage and the house is underwater (mortgage worth more than the house) sometimes surrendering the house is the best solution.

If you are losing your home due to foreclosure then you need to speak with a member of our legal team and see what the best possible legal approah would be. We understand how stressfull facing such a matter can be, we will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process. Contact our firm and schedule a consultation today.