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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Greenburgh

For many people, the topic of money can be very sensitive.  Most will retract from a conversation when it turns to income, wealth, or debt.  People will use the emotion of embarrassment to validate their reasoning for not seeking professional guidance on their finances.  However, what most people do not realize is that not finding the proper help can actually hurt them and embarrass them more in the long run.  Finding a tough Greenburgh bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you realize that your debt is stacking up can help you find relief more quickly than if you were to go it alone.

An overbearing reason for this is that many people cannot distinguish bankruptcy myths from bankruptcy facts.  At Bronson Law Offices, P.C., a friendly and personable Greenburgh bankruptcy attorney will get started on building your case, protecting your rights, and ensuring that you are aware of the common misconceptions of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Misconceptions

In our many years of practice, we have come to find that there are certain recurring myths that clients bring to us regarding bankruptcy.  The first of which is that they believe they will lose all of their property if they file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  While it is true that Chapter 7 involves the liquidation of assets, not all assets will be liquidated.  In fact, many of your assets can be protected with the help of a faithful Greenburgh bankruptcy lawyer. 

A second common misconception on bankruptcy brought to our attention is that only dishonest and irresponsible people file for bankruptcy.  Time and time again we have proven this myth to be untrue.  At our firm, we understand that life does not always go as planned.  Sometimes a loved one falls ill and is in need of immediate treatment, costing loads of money, or a job is lost as a result of the economic downturn.  Either way, a Greenburgh bankruptcy attorney at our firm is fully prepared to handle your debt relief needs and start you on your way to a brighter future.

For more information on debt relief or bankruptcy myths, we urge you to contact a Greenburgh bankruptcy lawyer at our firm today!

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