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Labor Law Injury Attorney in Westchester County

Fighting for Justice for Injured Employees in Westchester County

There are a number of claims that are related to violations of labor law. Employees who suffer an injury due to a failure of the company to adhere to New York or federal labor laws can be served by a Westchester County labor law attorney from Bronson Law Offices, P.C.. New York labor law protects workers from unsafe conditions, including falls from scaffolding - in which contractors or company owners will be held 100% responsible for injuries to workers in scaffold falls when the required safety equipment has not been made available to them Labor Law §240(1).

Workers are must be protected from unsafe conditions while on the job. The construction industry remains one of the most dangerous, statistically, and the injuries sustained are often serious, life threatening, or result in permanent disability or loss of life. Employers that have violated OSHA regulations, failed to maintain their equipment so that workers are safe, or have engaged in any type of discrimination can be held accountable, and damages sought. These personal injury cases are of great importance with regard to justice for the worker.

Workers are Protected in New York State

New York workers have more legal protections than are found in many other states. As company owners and contractors can be held accountable and forced to pay damages in this state, these cases are frequently being litigated in civil court. There are law firms that specialize in defending companies that have claims filed against them, and it is important that an injured worker is represented by a skilled litigator. As with any case, if the worker was the individual who, even though provided with correct equipment, refused to use the equipment it is not likely that compensation could be recovered.

As workers' compensation law allows for an injured worker to get compensation for injuries suffered while performing work duties, this type of claim is to pursue compensation beyond that which could be recovered through workers' compensation benefits. The safety of workers is important. If a company is negligent in taking reasonable care to protect their workers, it makes sense that they could be forced to pay compensatory damages to the injured or to the families who have lost a loved one.

Other Types of Claims Under NY Labor Law

There are other types of claims related to New York labor law. The Department of Labor of the state will punish those employers and allows for civil penalties for each violation. Wage and hour claims, unpaid wages, reasonable meal periods and other matters are covered by state law. If you or a loved one has been victimized by an employer, action can be taken against the firm and any other responsible party. Pursuing damages can be difficult, and it requires great skill in negotiating with the employer if a trial in civil court is to be avoided. In either case, Bronson Law Offices, P.C. in partnership with Phillip DeCaro, a highly skilled civil litigation attorney, can take the case in hand and advise you how to best proceed, with the goal of achieving fair and full compensation for all damages. Each case requires a full evaluation by analyzing the situation and the impact the violation has had on the life and health of the worker, and pursuing compensatory damages that are fair, based upon those facts. A well documented case can be presented to a jury in civil court, or to the insurance company for the firm so that the company makes the wise decision and pays the client fair damages.

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