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Drafting Contracts

Contract Work from an Experienced Westchester County Contract Lawyer

If you are starting or running a business, it is inevitable that you will encounter the need for contracts. Important agreements and working relationships should always be carefully drafted so that you and your business are protected. Examples of contracts that you may need to deal with include:

  • Business contracts – These include supply agreements, vendor contracts, partnership agreements, stock agreements, and agreements for the purchase and sale of goods/services
  • Employment contracts – These include hiring and termination agreements, as well as non-compete agreements
  • Real estate contracts – These include leases for commercial real estate, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate for business purposes

Disputes frequently arise when contracts are drafted improperly or not at all, or when contracts are not enforced. A New York lawyer can assist you in drafting, reviewing, and enforcing contracts that will put agreements firmly in place and provide for the continued protection of your business' interests.

Legal Services for Business Contracts

Bronson Law Offices, P.C. is a firm with more than 25 years of experience in practicing law. Our high quality legal service has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell in the form of an AV Rating that we have maintained for over 20 years. If you require assistance with contract work for your business, we are available to help you. In addition to drafting, reviewing, and enforcing contracts on your behalf, we can also provide contract management services for your business that will help you:

  • Keep track of all contracts drafted for your business
  • Respond to important contract deadlines and dates

We are committed to providing you with the contract services you need to increase the viability of your business and its chances for future success.

If you require legal help in a contract matter, contact a Westchester County attorney who is skilled in drafting, reviewing, and enforcing business contracts of all types.

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