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Tax Settlement Attorney in Westchester County

Helping Debtors with Tax Debt

Facing overwhelming debt of any kind is a serious situation to be in. Tax debt is even more serious. When you owe money to the government, you may be in danger of having property repossessed, your wages garnished or even money levied directly out of your bank accounts. If past due taxes have become a significant problem for you and you are interested in discussing your options, a Westchester County tax settlement attorney at our firm can help.

Why Retain a Tax Settlement Attorney?

The IRS can be one of the most difficult entities to negotiate with when it comes to debts. It can be difficult to navigate the complex system of bureaucracies in the IRS when you are trying to advocate for yourself. Additionally, it can be hard to stand up to intimidation by IRS officials without a secure knowledge of tax law.

An attorney specialized in tax law will know which departments to contact, what approaches to take to solve your specific situation, and how to negotiate effectively with the IRS in the face of intimidation or inappropriate questioning. An attorney will know the fastest process to getting you the result you need, saving you a considerable amount of time and worry. Additionally, due to attorney-client privilege, you can freely discuss any details of your case with your lawyer to find the best solutions.

Let Us Review Your Options

When you talk to a lawyer at the Bronson Law Offices, P.C. about your tax debt, we can review your options. For example, you may have heard that bankruptcy will not allow you to discharge tax debt. This is not necessarily the truth.

Once you file for bankruptcy, all tax collection efforts against you will essentially be frozen. Some tax debt, depending on the type and age, may actually be able to be discharged with bankruptcy. In some cases your attorney may be able to settle on certain tax debt or work out payment schedules.

Tax settlement is an important service that our law firm provides to debtors in White Plains and throughout all of Westchester County. Even without a bankruptcy filing, there are situations where we may be able to negotiate with federal or state tax authorities to reduce the amount of your back taxes or arrange a payment schedule that you can actually comply with.

Westchester County Tax Settlement Lawyer

With our legal experience and thorough understanding of tax debt and settlement in general, our legal team can offer you invaluable advice and experience to help you in the face of your back taxes.

To find out more about how bankruptcy can discharge some tax debt or how we can undergo a tax settlement to help you, contact a Westchester County tax settlement lawyer today. Your initial consultation is free and confidential.