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Life After Bankruptcy in Westchester County

What to Expect After Filing for Bankruptcy

After filing for bankruptcy, you will have the fresh start you need. You will also have a few challenges to face, but these can be met and overcome if you take the right approach. A knowledgeable Westchester County bankruptcy lawyer at our offices can talk to you about your options in rebuilding your life and credit after a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Westchester County area. We represent debtors in White Plains and throughout the surrounding areas.

Although the correct approach will vary depending on your unique situation, the following are some helpful tips to keep in mind to face life after bankruptcy.

  • Try to eliminate any unnecessary or frivolous expenses.
  • Start setting aside money every month, every week or as often as you can into a savings account.
  • If you were able to keep your home, make sure you remain current on your mortgage payments.
  • Consider applying for a secured credit card, but limit your spending on this card and pay it off every month.
  • Closely monitor your credit report to keep an eye on your progress.
  • Be careful with any money you put on new credit cards, and pay these off every month or as soon as possible.
  • Take care to ensure you pay all of your bills on time and do not take on any new expenses that you cannot afford.

Rebuilding Your Life After Bankruptcy

Just like many other bankruptcy myths, there is a common misconception that it will be difficult or impossible to recover and restore your credit after bankruptcy. Instead of giving up hope, talk to a professional about your particular options and see what you can do to rebuild.

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