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Creditor Harassment Attorney in Westchester County

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Facing an extreme amount of debt is stressful enough. This situation is only made worse when a creditor or debt collector harasses a debtor, calling at odd hours, making threats or otherwise violating a debtor's rights. In these cases, a Westchester County creditor harassment attorney at our firm can talk to you about what has been occurring and whether you may have grounds to sue the collection agency or creditor. We can also talk to you about filing for bankruptcy, an option which would stop all debt collection efforts and lawsuits entirely (in cases where creditors are acting within the confines of the law.)

Unlawful creditor harassment and abuse is outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under this Act, some examples of creditor harassment may include:

  • Contacting a debtor before 8am or after 9pm
  • Continuing communication after receiving a written request to cease, except in certain circumstances
  • Directly contacting a debtor who is known to be represented by a lawyer
  • Misrepresentation or fraud in an attempt to collect a debt
  • Posting the debtor's name and information on a public list
  • Threatening physical harm
  • Using profanity or threats in contact with a debtor
  • Contacting the debtor at his or her place of employment after notification that this is unacceptable or prohibited
  • Constant phone calls with the intent to harass or annoy the debtor

In these cases, a debtor may be able to file a lawsuit against the creditor or debt collector to seek financial damages for the harassment or abuse.

Consult a Westchester County Creditor Harassment Lawyer

To find out more about your rights in the face of creditor harassment in the White Plains or Westchester County areas, do not wait to contact our offices for a confidential consultation. We will be happy to discuss your particular situation with you to determine the best approach.

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