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Restoration of Credit After Bankruptcy

Learn How to Restore Your Credit in Westchester County, NY

Credit restoration is possible after bankruptcy. It is a common myth that a debtor will be unable to get credit after filing for bankruptcy or may be unable to restore his or her credit for at least 10 years. Although bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for up to 10 years, you have options in rebuilding your credit almost immediately after your discharge. All it takes is an understanding of what to do and a full commitment to carrying out the necessary steps.

Every debtor's situation will be different, and our Westchester County debt relief attorneys understand this. When you involve a lawyer at our offices to help with your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will take the time to discuss your short and long-term financial goals with you so we can take the correct initial approach with bankruptcy or perhaps an alternative. From the very beginning, we can help you decide whether bankruptcy is right for you. We can offer you helpful tips in how to restore your credit after your debt is discharged.

You Can Restore Your Credit after Bankruptcy

Taking a proactive stance and restoring your credit is important after bankruptcy. You may be interested in buying a home or leasing a car in the future, and if you do nothing your chances of accomplishing this are slender. Although bankruptcy may remain on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, you may be able to make large purchases such as these in a far shorter time.

You can get started in restoring your credit by keeping up with all of your current bills. Getting a secured credit card is also a good idea, as long as you limit purchases on this and pay it off as quickly as possible. Try to eliminate unnecessary expenses so you have more money to set aside, and whatever you do, try to avoid spending money that you simply do not have. Keep a close eye on your credit rating and monitor your progress.

To find out more about credit restoration in the Westchester County area, contact an attorney at our law offices today!