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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Westchester County

We Put Our Clients' Minds at Ease

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 allows for reorganization, usually of a partnership or corporation. As such, it is often appropriately referred to as reorganization bankruptcy. This chapter of the bankruptcy code calls for a plan proposal to be made that will reorganize a company or corporation in the hopes that the business will be kept alive. During the reorganization period, a plan will also be made to indicate how the company's debts will be paid off over time.

For many companies drowning in debt, this is an ideal alternative to letting their business go under. Persons in business are also eligible to file for this chapter of bankruptcy, and all who do so should only continue the process with the help of a Westchester County bankruptcy lawyer.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Westchester County

The debt relief that can come from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing can only be done with the expertise of a legal professional in the field. If you have found yourself going through the bankruptcy process, then you are in no financial position to take any risks that could affect the turnout of your situation. Instead, you should do nothing more than connect with a professional in the corporate law sector who can help guide you at each step along the way.

Why Work with Our Bankruptcy Law Firm

At the Bronson Law Offices, P.C. you can find the corporate law and bankruptcy skill needed to aggressively represent your case. Whether you are interested in looking into bankruptcy alternatives or you want a professional who can explain the means test to you, the knowledge and experience found at the firm will help in all of your matters.

With 25 years of experience to its name, the Bronson Law Offices, P.C. offers only the most attentive and skillful legal representation available. Personalized attention and dedication will quickly become familiar practices to you, as the firm's associates offer nothing less.

Our firm focuses on the representation of small businesses and is able to provide representation at a smaller fee than a larger firm would cost. As a boutique and experienced firm, we offer clients personal attention that is able to put the client’s mind at ease.

Contact a Westchester bankruptcy attorney to learn more about Chapter 11 bankruptcie.