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Recent Posts in Debt Relief Category

  • What are My Rights Under the FDCPA?

    || 18-Oct-2016

    The FDCPA, also known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, is a federal law that provides protection to consumers and safeguards them against unfair debt collection practices. If you feel that your consumer rights may have been violated, we urge you waste no time in contacting Bronson Law Offices, S.C. so you can hire a bankruptcy attorney from Westchester who will aggressively advocate on ...
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  • What Actions Can a Creditor Legally Take and What Actions Are Illegal?

    || 6-Jul-2016

    If you owe a debt, as a consumer you are afforded certain legal protections which limit what actions a creditor can perform in order to collect money owed. On the other hand, creditors also have rights available to them which allow for legal recourse in cases of outstanding debt. Matters of debt collection and consumer protections can be complex and if you are being contacted by creditors, it is ...
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  • Dealing with Debt During the Holidays

    || 30-Nov-2015

    Dealing with debt on a regular day can be difficult, as there are always cool gadgets or tasty treats being advertised. But dealing with debt during the holidays? That’s a whole new level of difficulty. Everything is “on sale” and there are surely loved ones in your head that you think deserve this trinket or that treasure. To avoid worsening your financial situation with even ...
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