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Recent Posts in Bankruptcy Process Category

  • Can I Discharge Unpaid Child Support During Bankruptcy?

    || 8-Jul-2014

    If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, there are certain things you must take into consideration before making your final decision. Not all debt can be discharged through bankruptcy. There are certain types of debt such as child support, alimony, most student loans, certain taxes and court-ordered fines or penalties that are not eligible for discharge through bankruptcy. Child support is ...
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  • How Long Does the Bankruptcy Process Take?

    || 3-Jun-2014

    There are many aspects involved in the bankruptcy process. How long it will take before your bankruptcy is completed and your debts have been discharged will depend heavily on the type of bankruptcy protection you choose to pursue. Chapter 7 is the most common type of bankruptcy and a straight-forward case can often be completed in as little as 3-6 months from the date of filing to the date of ...
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  • Will Filing for Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit Score?

    || 30-Apr-2014

    It is quite common for people to wonder about the effect bankruptcy will have on their credit score. Filing for bankruptcy is not a decision that should be made lightly. The magnitude of the impact will depend on the state of your credit prior to your filing for bankruptcy. If you have a lot of delinquent accounts, you have only been making minimum payments or less, and you have become unable to ...
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  • Can I File for Bankruptcy Without a Lawyer?

    || 1-Apr-2014

    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be wondering whether you can file without having to retain the services of a lawyer. While you are under no legal obligation to hire a lawyer to represent you during your bankruptcy proceedings, having a skilled bankruptcy lawyer by your side will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Bronson Law Offices, P.C. has been ...
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  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy May Not Be Right For You

    || 30-Nov-2011

    If you are trying to decide if you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must first decide if it makes financial sense. To start, you need to determine if your debts are mainly of the type that require a judgment, and if you have any property or income that can be seized by creditors if they obtain a judgment. If your property is exempt and your income comes from Social Security, your ...
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  • What are the Main Areas in Which the Firm Practices?

    || 6-Sep-2011

    Bankruptcy is our primary focus. Our Westchester County bankruptcy lawyers counsel people regarding their financial situation to determine if bankruptcy is right for them. We then prepare the proper documents and walk our clients through the bankruptcy process. We are very good at making our clients feel comfortable during what they perceive as a very nerve racking experience. Chapter 7 bankruptcy ...
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  • What is a 341 Meeting and What Am I Asked?

    || 16-Dec-2010

    Most of my clients are very intimidated by the prospect of being "examined" by a trustee. When I tell them it will be a five minute meeting and that there is no reason to be nervous, they do not believe me until after it is over. I prepare my clients for the 341 meeting throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. When we initially meet I outline the entire bankruptcy process. When ...
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