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Blog Posts in December, 2010

  • Where Do I File for Bankruptcy?

    || 21-Dec-2010

    Most clients do not think about where they will be filing when they consider bankruptcy, however, it is important to hire an attorney who is familiar with the various jurisdictions and trustees who work in them. In the greater New York City area we have two Federal District Court divisions which consist of the Southern District of New York (SDNY) and the Eastern District of New York (EDNY). The ...
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  • What is a 341 Meeting and What Am I Asked?

    || 16-Dec-2010

    Most of my clients are very intimidated by the prospect of being "examined" by a trustee. When I tell them it will be a five minute meeting and that there is no reason to be nervous, they do not believe me until after it is over. I prepare my clients for the 341 meeting throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. When we initially meet I outline the entire bankruptcy process. When ...
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  • Chapter 13 Plan Confirmation Hearings in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York

    || 6-Dec-2010

    Our clients were scheduled to have their Chapter 13 Plan confirmed at 10:00 AM last Friday. The Judge's calendar was posted and there were over 60 clients scheduled for the same time. Out of 28 pages, my clients were listed on page 22. Unfortunately, the way the calendar works, you have to be there on time and you have to wait until your case is called. Having over 3 hours to observe the other ...
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